One Percent 4 ART is a Community Interest Company 50,000 shares available.

One Percent 4 ART is a Community Interest Company 50,000 shares available.

Our Price: £5.00

We have valued the Company at £500,000 in the first year of trading.

If we sell 10% equity shares in the business then we will have the start up capital to start employing more staff. This ethical Community Interest Share is for life so even though you may not get much in the first year you will when the company grows.

You can buy as many shares as you like.

These shares represent 10% future equity of the Community Interest Company business 'One Percent 4 ART'.

By selling 10% of the business now through the 50,000 shares at £5 each, you are now investing your £5 for one share as an 'ethical equity' share. You buy once and watch it rise or fall, it's that simple.

The business will make £250,000 by selling 50,000 shares and we value that at present to be 10% or more of the projected profit of the company in the first few years.

One Percent 4 ART is a Community Interest Company - The aims of the company are;

A. Selling Artwork through 1%4ART business www.onepercent4art.com

B. Design & Build local Diamond interactive art play facilities.

C. Buy Head Quarters building to link all the Diamond interactive play facilities together technologically & via satellite to elevate art promotion.

D. To buy/build further artistic businesses, to generate eco-living, healing & independent produce.

E. To ensure a non-bureaucratic structure with individual’s freedom of artistic expression.

1. To Design an artistically conceptual building, that when built by the company will promote the creative and artistic ideas of youth.

2. To engage with all mainstream media communication formulas to communicate the creative expression in terms of artistic ideas of all youth.

3. To promote through mainstream channels the creative artistic ideas of all youth from all diversification's of backgrounds, social stratosphere's, regardless of age or understanding and to utilize the artistic buildings and channels of communication and promotion for this purpose.

4. To remain independent and self-sufficient at all times, in the creation of and the promotion of these creative artistic platforms of the youth ideas, for the sole purpose of their purity.

5. To initiate and execute a 5 step plan (A-E above) of expanding the (association) Company through businesses, that further the artistic freedoms of expression of all youth and to adapt to changes in the development of those artistic expressions where it is necessary to stay up to date with the youths artistic ideas and concepts.

To buy a share through the One Percent 4 Art website, just add it to the shopping cart..