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Artists & Agents Membership Fee

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www.onepercent4art.com annual membership fees

Please Note
If you are booking through a promotional offer or VIP invite, please put the code in your shopping cart and at the checkout and you will become a member according to that offer -
Become a free member by emailing
jo@spaceshift.co.uk and show us why we need you as one of our artists


£15 - If you are a working artist

£12 - If you are an art student

£10 - For artists entitled to concessions

£10 - If you are a landscape gardener
£25 - If you are an individual architect

£50 - If you are a landscape gardener's firm

£100 - If you are an architects firm
£750 - 'Part of the Art' Estate Agent Membership


Please email us a photo of the art you want to sell in a j-peg style attachment no more than 200KB.

Please include an up to date photo of you, with a description of who you are, in less than 300 words.

Send the measurements of your art as well as the weight, the medium you used and the materials in much detail as possible.

Send us the price you want for the work.

Send us the works title.


In the case of architects and gardeners try to include detailed guide prices per sq ft and ranges of the work that you include as a full price, or an accurate guide price.

If you are a designer or a furniture showroom, selling either contemporay chairs, tables, office furniture, bespoke furniture or interior design antiques, textiles or designer fittings send us the link to your website as well as promotional photos j-pegs please.

Proof of ownership or proof of business is very important to us by way of sending two named referees for us to contact if needs be.

If you are selling a deceased artists work or one that you have bought please send the reciept or proof of ownership

If you are another gallery please send us your portfolio and an email to discuss split commissions

You may also send us your website and URL links if you have ones for us to promote on your page as part of our service to all of our artists members.


Send to info@spaceshift.co.uk