Call for Properties
If you have any property you wish to put on our website please send us all the details.
We operate a 1% split commission upon sale, rent or hire and we email you immediately when there is an interested client. When the contract is signed and sealed we send your client 1% worth of the contract in art work of their choice, if they book through our site.

Call for Artists
If you have original artwork you wish submit to be on our website please reply to us with all the details of you and your work. Work will be judged as admissable or not by the Scarlet Maguire gallery owner established in 2000.
We operate a 50/50% split commission

Serviced Offices

One Percent 4 ART sell ‘serviced offices’ and give away ‘free art’ for the office, once a booking has been made. We have hundreds of serviced offices in your local areas, if you require serviced office space, please search through the below link.

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